Andalucia Ferring

Ferring restaurant

Blenheim Design have been chosen to redesign a familly run restaurant Andalucia in ferring.  Andalucia has been serving tasty Spanish Tapas to Worthing and Ferring sinse 1988.

Blenheim Design were aproached by Luis and Miguel Quorosa to expand an already succesful tapas restaurant and refresh the interior.

restaurante Andalucia Ferring design

New interior which incorporates two bars, private dining room, jamon display and cutting station is by Blenheim Design — and it’s superb. There are 76 covers, 25 in the bar area and 51 in the new restaurant extention. Proposed restaurant space draws inspiration from Manuel's roots of Andalucia with use of local stone on the walls, and blue walls which are direct nod to moorish crockery often found in Spain.

tapas restaurant Worthing Ferring

Great atmosphere and moody lighting coming from the  The seating, comfortable chairs and banquets, are in chestnut leather sitting against rich timber and pale stone walls, whilst on trend brass gleams  in fittings and accents. Private dining room will have a good display of wines and artefacts adorning the walls, whilst brick flooring set and moulded to diamond pattern is a direct nod to earthy bodega's of Andalucia. 

the best tapas restaurant design Andalucia Ferring

Comfortable seating at the back wall will feature linen cushions suspended on leather straps and fastened with horse clips. whilst bespoke handmade wall lights will individually light each table.