Bone Daddies - St Christoper's Place

Today Blenheim Design had the delight in experiencing the recently launched Bone Daddies restaurant, the latest in the chain by Australian head chef Ross Shonhan. 

bone daddies sign

Located in St Christopher’s place, the market street on James Street area of Marylebone. We were leaving a client’s offices when we were alerted to the new Bone Daddies restaurant after happening across a lovely Bone Daddies employee handing out flyers on the street.

Japanese street food restaurant design

On arrival at the restaurant at lunch time we first noticed how quirky but true to Japan the exterior seating area was, with the inclusion of blue upturned crates and plywood to form stools bases just like Japanese street vendors have.

bottle crates used as seating

The facade was decorated almost black with timber sign fascia, neon illuminated logo in white and red with a matching red awning. The yellow light glow from inside shone out the windows, so the blue exterior seating accompanied the other primary colours outside to look bold and modern.

bone daddies designers

At the door we received a warm welcoming from the helpful and friendly staff, who also kindly aided us in choosing from the menu of modern Japanese dishes.

bone daddies designers

The mainly ramen menu also has Japanese tapas style snacks that can be found in Izakayas in Japan for those Londoner’s that want something different.

rock and roll ramen restaurant

We make a very good attempt at choosing something new to us from the menu and waited only a short time before the traditional Japanese style glazed ceramic dishes quickly filled our communal table situated on the ground floor. The food is tasty, fresh and light, no heavy greasiness found here.

japanese restaurant Marylebone

Set across two floors, diners can choose to be seated on the ground floor on open communal high tables that look out onto the bustling street, and also benefit from looking out into the open kitchen which has been expertly disguised as Japanese street vendors stalls.

bone daddies counter design

The decoration of the ground floor interior combines dark aged woods and grey tiles to walls and bar / kitchen area, warm timber tables and simple round top high seating stools, black metal frames and mirrors along the long wall and earthy grey plastered wall textures.

Tokyo ramen restaurant design

The neutral tonal palette and textures then lend the interior scheme to having eye-catching yellow suspended metal frame and mesh gantry over the bar, large illuminated lightboxes with Japanese characters encasing the structural columns, and an array of colourful framed Japanese fabrics and manga comic pages with noticeably red content covering the open kitchen extraction hood.

Japanese wood detail

We can only imagine it was expensive to disguise the hood with so many individually framed pieces that appear to be sandwiched between layers of wired glass for protection and ease of cleaning.

Japanese restaurant seating idea

Dangling pendant lights with corded rope style flex hang from the exposed ceiling services and cable trays, and where the pendants wrapped around themselves the resulting shade clusters in cast concrete, cork and mesh add to the look of the interior style of the Japanese street vendors market.

bone daddies London

The lower level is a lot more intimate and cosier and is accessed via stairs at the rear of the ground floor and where a large red neon sign navigates customers down the stairs. Here, the open kitchen is the focus, and where the chefs work to recreate the hustle and bustle of the markets.

Japanese neon

The seating in the basement is lower and where dining booths with simplistic styled timber frames oversail diner’s heads and allow for more traditional Japanese lanterns and flags to suspend from, creating a traditional Japanese flavour throughout both customers dining areas.

toilet sign idea

There’s also a large communal table in the basement which is similar to the ground floor.

It’s been a great impromptu lunch, sound tracked with a rock’n’roll playlist. We can’t wait to experience the other branch due to open in the new Nova Victoria development.

Bone Daddies