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Small Batch has invaded the Brighton and Hove coffee scene, now it has reached Worthing - and why not, it is great!

Small Batch has invaded the Brighton and Hove coffee scene, now it has reached Worthing - and why not, it is great!

Most notably is that Small Batch like to regard themselves as a local family company and they’ve expanded to several sites across the city. The café at 17 Jubilee street and closest to our office happens to be the cultural epi-centre of Brighton and must get most tourist and local footfall all year round.

small batch coffee branding

The Jubilee street site is set at street level and part of the ‘My Hotel’ and is a mix of inherited elements from the previous tenants and the modern minimalist decor of the other small batch coffee shops.

small batch coffee wall sign

On approach and located near the entrance is a spray-painted street art man drinking coffee with the small batch logo and hordes of people sipping their coffees on benches under cover of the hotel above. The buzz this creates must make this one of the consistently popular coffee spots in the city.

Small Batch coffee in My Hotel Brighton

Inside is a simple blend of industrial building materials and a good swathe of exotic wood panelling, possibly Jarrah, to give the interior a rich warmth.

Small Batch coffee wood

The foot high aged brass skirting below the wood panels carries along the curved wall but may be inherited from the previous tenant as there is a lack of brass elsewhere in the scheme.

small batch coffee chairs by the counter

The floor is light and bright terrazzo which nicely offsets the counter finished in a lengthy brick faced front and with a thick cast concrete polished top and drizzled with theatrical coffee brewing machines and sweet and savoury snacks.

concrete counter top

The exposed preparation area at the rear of the counter is finished to a high standard too – the bronze mirror is adorned with mostly stainless steel counters with rich wood tones and steel frame shelving, even the utensils and the storage jars are kept so orderly and filled they look like an extension of merchandise display.

key clamp foot rail

The high bench table tops are made of white laminate onto exposed plywood edge substrate which would have looked fresh at the start but have been heavily damaged over the years.

coffee shop back counter display

The bench support frames are either mild steel box section or stainless steel and the customer footrests along the curved perimeter windows is made from galvanised keeklamp fixings and scaffold poles. The square edged stools are made of oak which has been branded with the logo, and some stools have been upholstered with olive green leather seat pads.

quirky bathroom design

Lighting is a variety of bold and discreet elements such as painted and raw spun aluminium industrial pendants, aluminium colour small track and spot and exposed bulbs on flex along the window line.

Maharishi quote

Some of the lights are unnoticeable amongst the ever-present exposed cable trays and mechanical ducts running below the grey painted ceiling slab. They both give an industrial feel to the environment however.

Freddie Mercury quote

Their ethos is to help farmers produce coffee by personally sourcing it from a variety of the world’s coffee growing regions, and they roast their own coffee beans in the hove roastery (their first outlet) all goes a long way to their brand’s success.

17 Jubilee St , Brighton

Small Batch Coffee